Monday, 14 March 2011

This is Now

I replied to a message on Facebook and thought it might be useful to put most of that reply 'out there' for anyone who is interested to read as I know my absence from the online world has worried some people.

I think, coming up to the first anniversary of having to lead such a restricted life, I'm finally experiencing the grief of the situation. I think I'm finally allowing myself to be sad, angry and despondent about what my life has become.

That perhaps sounds a little glum but I think it's a stage of the process I missed out originally and it has to be experienced. Does that make sense?

I threw myself into research, into the chronically ill communities, into establishing a strict regime for myself. Everyone remarked how well I was coping and how 'smart' I was at picking up the best approach so quickly. Perhaps that is so but I failed in giving myself time to just reflect and accept and pout and rage. It was all based on logic for me, never emotion.

It's hard to explain to people but I think this is healthy (although it can be mistaken for wallowing or depression). I don't currently have the capacity for any research, community work or the suffering of the world and its population because, temporarily, I am consumed with my own suffering and it's all I can handle.

I have no doubt that I'll be back when the time is right. That I'll be back to being a hive of activity and aiming to support those who are in darkness via my research, my little projects or simply my friendship and compassion. I don't yet know when that time will come but it will come, I'm sure.

So, for now, I don't take in the news from around the world. I'm aware of things (as it's unavoidable) and my heart aches for the suffering caused by what seems like a torrent of natural disasters lately. It also aches for those who are caught in the trap of chronic illness and those who are still having to fight for justice, acceptance and being treated with decency.

As for getting better, my pragmatic approach has mainly been to stop myself getting worse. To avoid doing anything that will cause damage that is more difficult to repair once we understand more about our illnesses. So, I take my billions of supplements and rest, rest, rest. I do not push. I think the 'holding pattern' analogy is completely apt and it's probably the best we have right now.

To those who extend their love and care towards me through messages, pokes or simply thoughts, please know I do appreciate them and I am aware of them. I would hate for my silence to be confused with apathy.

Take care everyone. See you all soon.