Saturday, 17 December 2011

A Call For Help

Maria's Story - Click for YouTube vid

We are getting close to Christmas.  A time when many of us spend a lot of money on luxuries.  I am writing this post to ask that you consider directly helping someone in need of something more basic - a home. 

Maria is a Facebook friend who has been dreadfully ill.  I know from my own illness how devastating many of her symptoms can be.  One of the differences between myself and Maria though is that I am lucky enough to live in a warm and safe apartment that is not making my health worse.  You can hear from Maria's video (link at beginning of post), and read from her note below, that she is not so lucky.

It takes great courage to ask for help.  As Maria has said on Facebook: "I am so ashamed to be doing this as everyone I know is just as strapped financially as I am. But I am desperate and maybe this will fall into the hands of someone who is able to help so I am swallowing my pride and posting."

I have counted by blessings and donated to Maria's cause and I hope you will consider doing the same.  I sincerely thank you for doing so.



Link To Donate

Maria's appeal:

clean safe housing critically needed for wheelchair/bed bound young lady

I desperately need safe housing where I can continue my fight against late stage neurological Lyme disease. I am 99 percent bedridden and I live in a very old trailer that is filled with mold and mildew. The bathroom wall is turning to mulch and the floor rotted through to the hall closet. I cannot afford to use the central heat as the unit is antiquated and costs half of my monthly income to run. I have no insulation and I can see the wind blow in the kitchen behind the stove with the doors shut. I get birds inside with the doors closed as well. The electric sockets on one side of the trailer get hot enough to burn when you use them or run the washing machine. I am in a wheelchair and can not fit it in the the bedrooms or the bathroom and I have no wheelchair ramp so I have to scoot on the floor to get out the front door and down the steps.
I have been dreaming of what it would be like to be in a clean house or apartment but I live solely on disability which is less than $700 dollars a month. My hope is that someone will be able and willing to help me with this dream so that I can get well and pay it forward to others in hazardous situations.

Monday, 5 December 2011


Decaying as I am
Need not some promised land
I know that I am failing
Acceptance was their plan

No silence in the sea
Nothing tranquil awaits me
Useless and used up
Too much using to do

I have chosen everything
This is what makes it so bad
No matter what the action
Situation was created by me

My life is different
These gray streets will only get me down
They will never fool me
Integrate me as their clown

(JJ72 - Improv)