Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Why Blog?

After some thought, I've decided to start blogging.

Recently, my plans have had to change as a result of the onset of an as yet undiagnosed illness. Although, with hindsight, the onset has been gradual - the impact it has on my day-to-day life and my plans for the immediate future are only just becoming apparent to me.

Dealing with this is difficult but there is also the added element of dealing with the perceptions and expectations of those around me.  I have gone from leading a relatively normal life to becoming essentially disabled and it is proving difficult for those who know me to understand.  

I am not sure whether writing here is for my benefit or for the benefit of others but hopefully this does not have to be exclusive.  From my perspective, I need to detail the changes I am experiencing (whether they are for the better or worse) and it is also helpful for me to have a place I can store my thoughts.  Being isolated from the world around me is a big part of the impact my illness is having upon me after all.  Also though, I hope what I share here has some use for others.  For friends and family who want to understand why I'm no longer going out and doing things and for others who might stumble across this page and find comfort in someone discussing similar difficulties they are experiencing.

I welcome any input in the form of comments and links etc but I ask that contributers refrain from dishing out 'tough love' or telling me to 'get a grip'.  Whilst I am sure people mean well, it offers no constructive help for me or my circumstances as I am where I am as a result of something other than choice or a lack of positive thinking!

That's enough of an intro, I think.  I will aim to update this regularly but will try to avoid it becoming full of every little detail of my rather uneventful current existence!  Probably no danger of me over-blogging as I don't have the energy anyway ;)

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