Monday, 13 September 2010


I should begin my reassuring any readers that I'm not going to be wallowing in self-pity this time around. My previous update showed a very unattractive aspect of how I'm coping with being ill and I know it didn't paint me in a very good light. However, I wanted to acknowledge that there are days when I feel exceptionally sorry for myself and get angry with 'fate' for bestowing this on me. Writing about how unfair life is becomes a pointless task and it helps nobody to read it so I will be avoiding such posts in future.

Today I want to focus on some great work being done on M.E./CFS in the form of an upcoming documentary. Please visit this link for more information. Part of the pre-production work is asking those impacted by the illness to post their personal stories in the form of videos. Seeing an intelligent, determined woman be reduced to only being able to speak in a whisper and hearing a story of a child with the condition who wasn't believed and was taken away from his parents by social services then thrown in a swimming pool to force him to swim allows me to once again be thankful that I am not in the grasp of something much worse than my current condition. I will try to post more information on this documentary as progress continues.

Also, over the past week or so, I've made decisions about my future and taken action. I have now contacted my University to confirm I am unable to attend this year. And, I have sold my car. I was avoiding making both of these decisions as they are confirmation of my current loss of independence but it was unrealistic for me to hope against hope that I would make a miracle recovery and I actually feel inwardly calm now the decisions have been made.

I had a period recently where I was achieving sustained bursts of feeling mentally alert (although obviously not too alert as I managed to scald myself with hot tea and knock my laptop over, busting the hard drive!). I was having period of 4 or 5 hours at a time when my mind felt light and clear and I was able to concentrate on tasks. This was bliss and I mistakenly took it as a signal I was recovering after 4 months or so of illness. Needless to say, it was only a temporary thing and I am back to being zonked again and having long period of having to stare into space or sleep. It's disappointing to feel back at square one again but I think that is just the nature of the illness and I will in future just be grateful for those brief periods of lucidity.

Take care,



  1. Barry, you have some great friends from RL and from uni and you know we will still be here for you, either by FB, email, fone or in person. You are a strong person and need to work on getting better and luckily for you ME is something that you can get better from, easy to say luckily I know but there is always someone worse off than you and when u have bad days just look to the future when you have recovered from the awful illness and can be BARRY again, gonna miss you and lots of hugs and love xxx

  2. Thank you, anonymous person (you didn't leave a name, lol) :P Your words are very kind and really appreciated xx