Monday, 3 January 2011

I Have A Dream....Part Two

Further to my previous post HERE - I want to thank everyone for comments and messages of support left on this blog, within Facebook or via email.

I appreciated when I wrote the original post that my ambitions were grand and that it may well seem overwhelming or impossible. Further reflection, along with your comments, have provided me with more clarity about how this can all grow from such a humble beginning. I think it is important to break down that growth into smaller, more tangible, steps though. So, let's begin!

Lee Lee added some very pertinent comments in the original blog post and I think it makes sense to start with a specific and narrower focus in mind. As the Heart Rate Monitor group is already alive and well in Facebook HERE and in its own dedicated messageboard HERE, it seems logical to build upon this.

The aim, initially, will be to produce a user-friendly guide to activity management for those diagnosed with ME/CFS. This will incorporate the usage of a heart rate monitor but will extend far beyond. Although I continue to recommend the use of a heart rate monitor, I recognise that not everyone can or will use one. I also recognise that those using heart rate monitors need much more information than is currently provided.

Producing such a guide is still a challenge and I still need much help in making it a reality. It is, most definitely, achievable though and it is something that can be of real benefit to the community.

What next then? Well, the first step is to pledge your support by emailing:

Even if you doubt your own capacity to help out, I am sure each of you can contribute in some way. Please do therefore go ahead and email the group to be kept up to date with the plan for the project and how you can get involved. Once I have an idea of how much support exists amongst you all, I can start working on what needs to be done. Let me be clear though - this WILL happen. The less support I garner, the more time and effort it will take me but it will happen.

I end with a plea. Join this movement. Not for me - I am merely acting as a co-ordinator and catalyst - but for the good of those whose suffering we can identify with only too well. Spread this post far and wide and ask others to join this movement too. The activity management guidelines are only the beginning but we must begin somewhere. So, let's begin.


  1. sign me up...i believe you have my email. let's begin indeed!

  2. Email sent. xx

  3. hi there Barry, I created a link on my blog to your earlier post and will include this one today. Best of luck with the project, but please do not go beyond your own limits!